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By Wednesday this week I had already finished two books that I started a while back, finishing a book or anything in that matter is so satisfying, It feel’s like you’ve conquered the world especially when it’s something you’ve been at for a while!!



The first book I finished which was on Monday, was a very popular one ‘Girl Online On Tour’ By Zoe Sugg this is here second book and it carries on from the first so I had to read it! I love the story she has completely made it up herself and some parts are really relatable, I read an article that said Zoe wanted to take major issues in the world and put them into her book such an anxiety this is a thing that many people suffer with including Zoe herself, another issue that is mentioned in her book is about being gay, she creates a character or two and expresses how hard it is for these characters to come out to the world and deal with society and telling friends and family. I found I couldn’t put it down once I had picked it back up recently, I hope she makes a third book and very soon!!




The second book I finished this week which was on Wednesday was ‘Fangirl’ By Rainbow Rowell. I started this a while before Christmas so I was happy to finish it. It’s quite a long book so easy to loose interest. I loved the story I just found if I didn’t read for a while I would forget to pick it back up. It was based on these twins that went off to university they loved Simon Snow books especially one of them and she would write fan fiction of her own versions. It’s all about there relationship as twins how they grew apart and then found each other again, and their relationships with family and friends. I would say its a romance book but thats not the main focus. Over all I loved it and would defiantly recommend it!



I hope you enjoyed this short review, let me know if you would like more of these.

Chlo xo

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