The Simple Things

I recently received these cute little charm’s from my boyfriend after he adventured off to Leicester for a day and left me at work It got me thinking about the simple things – the small things that people do that mean much more. I’m not one to want expensive gifts taken big places all the time, although they are part of my dreams I would rather work for them then someone just hand them to me. I can’t stand those people that get things handed to them, most of the expensive items I own I brought myself even the furniture in my bedroom I purchased myself. I wouldn’t like it if my parents turned around and brought me the latest expensive technology for my birthday or christmas, I would much rather purchase it myself.





I thinks some people get lost in fame and money in this world and forget how lucky they are. Be thankful for what you have and appreciate the small things in life, because others aren’t so fortunate.

Chlo xo


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