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Here are the basic makeup products I use everyday, I own an awful lot of makeup so this is just a small selection of the must haves products. I use a mix of high end makeup and drug store makeup. When choosing products for this post I actually found it quite hard as I have multiple concealers, palettes and primers that I swap between every now and then.

Starting with mascara, I have dozens of mascaras all that I don’t use anymore It’s probably worth going through them and chucking them out. My go to mascara and the only mascara I use is the Younique 3D Fiber Lash. Which I have previously done a blog post about which you can read here.

For eyeliner I always use the Fast Stroke Collection eyeliner, now I’m going to be honest with you I have literally owned this exact one for as long as I can remember. I’m talking like over 3 years and I do not recommend this as it’s very unhygienic but it has lasted me so long I don’t know where it comes from as it’s such a little bottle. It applies so nicely and is still a solid black colour, I defiantly prefer this style of eyeliner (in the little pot where you can dip the brush) than the liquid eye liner pencil style.

I absolutely love Primer, who ever invented it is a genius! People often ask me if it actually works the answer is yes, it makes your skin feel super soft as well, I feel as if it’s protecting your skin and if you have pores almost acts as a barer to stop your foundation clogging them. This Maybelline Baby Skin Primer is just a super cheap drug store one and still works wonders! Helps your foundation to stay on longer throughout the day so I defiantly recommend picking this up.

Concealer I mix up every now but I always find my self grabbing the Benefit Porefessional Primer. Benefit actually call this a primer but it is tinted and used to reduce pores, I don’t get many pores so I just use this as a concealer to lighten under my eyes and it works perfectly!

Younique’s Addiction Palette 2 is by far my favourite from all my eye shadow palettes! It’s filled with grey’s and brown’s and is made up of 7 colours 4 of which are matte and 3 are shimmer. The colours are very hard wearing, crease resistant and easy to build up and blend together.

Finally on to the last product which is Younique’s Mineral Liquid Foundation other wise known as ‘Photoshop in a bottle’ and they aren’t wrong about that. The coverage from this foundation is literally amazing I’ve never seen a liquid foundation coverage this great and you only need a few drops so it lasts longer than most foundations!

Hope you enjoyed reading about the makeup products I use, any comments you have please leave them below and let me know your favourite products.

Chlo xo


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