5 Things To Think About When Starting A Blog

To start this blogging week off I came up with 5 tips you need to think about before starting a blog.

Can you commit to it?

A blog is like a flower give it some love and it will bloom. Ignore it and it will die a death. You won’t get anything good from a blog with no love, so think about if you have the time and if it’s something you really want to do.

Don’t expect 

When starting a blog you shouldn’t expect anything of it. Don’t think you will become famous over night and that everyone will see your blog. That’s not realistic and you will only be disappointed if thats you expectations. I started my blog as a hobby I already have a full time job so anything else I get from this blog is just a bonus.

Write about the things that actually interest YOU

Everything you write about needs to be honest, be you and write about the topics you are interested in. There is nothing worse than someone writing about a product or subject because they think people will read their blog more or because they are going to get money for it. If it doesn’t fit into your blog and not something you generally like and recommend, do not post false content.

Link your social sites

Linking your social media sites to your blog makes everything so much easier, you can tweet and share with everyone when a new post goes up, as well as new viewers being able to find your social media and keep up to date with posts and your life.
Three I recommend the most-

Make Friends

Making friends with other bloggers is very important, you can all connect because you all do a similar thing, Bloglovin’ which I mentioned above is very handy for this, you can keep all your favourite blogs all in one spot and see when they upload new posts, they can also follow you back and it’s a good way of communicating and supporting each others blogs. Another one is twitter, my feed is full of bloggers which I’m loving at the moment because I can connect with other bloggers see what they spend their days doing and the type of content they upload as well as tweet them and message them. Connecting with other blogs can often get you more views and invites to events, personally I just like talking to other people so that is just a bonus.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post, another up tomorrow at 6pm on WordPress self hosting, so look out for that.
Chlo xo

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