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This gets spoken about a lot, which platform to use and whether or not people should pay when first starting out, I think you need to think about where you want this blog in a years time, 5 year or 10 years, if it’s something you would like to continue to do then self hosting is the way forward you have complete control over your site where as with free blogs such as Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress.com they do not give you the control, ownership and branding options that you need and if you set up with them I guarantee you you will want to move later on which really isn’t an easy process.

I recommend One.com this is the hosting I use they are offering one year FREE at the moment and you will receive 5 GBP on activation through this link, the prices when they aren’t offering a discount are always very good I think I paid about £10.80 back in November and I pay nothing for a year. You get a free Website, Email and Domain name, as well as so many other benefits. Super easy to set up took me about 5 minutes.

I quickly fixed this up for to you compare wordpress.com and wordpress.org. .com is very similar to blogger and the free platforms and what they have to offer.

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I’ve actually used blogger, wordpress.com and I do have a Tumblr but never used that as a blog site which I know some people do. I now have wordpress.org, I paid for my hosting and extremely happy I did, the control you have over it is great and anything you want to do with your blog you can do, there is a plug in for everything and if there isn’t a plugin I turn to google which always finds a way.

I used blogger a while back, I do like the site it’s so easy to use and simple but I also think thats a con, everyone’s sites can look very similar because there isn’t much to play around with and many themes to choose from. Overall I think blogger is a great site there is no harm in trying it but if your looking for a future with blogging and want more from it then I recommend using self hosting.

Any questions you have please leave them below and let me know what platform you use.
Chlo xo


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