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I’ve got so many useful resources saved in my bookmarks section on Safari and I’ve only just thought about sharing these with you guys!! These really do come in handy and useful things to know about your blog and to help you improve its stats!

Page Speed-

A important thing about a website is the amount of time it takes to load, I know myself that if it takes a while I might find myself clicking back and finding one that loads quicker or clicking off altogether. Click here and you can see how fast your website speed is, I believe they also give you ways to help improve this.

Mobile Friendly-

We are in 2016 and these days it is very rare you come across someone who doesn’t own an up to date phone, mostly commonly the ‘iPhone’ I think they are used much more than computers because they are handy and you can do so much when out and about and much quicker than computers. So when someone wants to find something out most of us just search it on our phones. So it is important your website is mobile friendly as this could be the source of most of your traffic. If you want to find this out I found a test on google to check this just click here, it even shows you what your website looks like on a mobile.

Domain Authority – 

You may have not heard of this one, I know I never did until recently, its a website that rank’s your DA, you just follow this link, type your URL into the box and it will tell you how high you rank out of 100, it also says your page authority out of 100, the number of links found to your page over the last 60 days and your spam score. This can change a lot and I know they’ve recently done a new update and everyones score has gone up.


Google Analytics – 

This is a popular one and if you don’t have it it’s a must! Go sign up now and if you already have a google account well then your half way there!! It’s so easy to use everything is right there is front of you to track your stats, you can see what country they are coming from, what site they found your blog on, if they are new visitors or returning visitors, literally everything! Super handy and lets you know when your doing things right and attracting people back!

Scheduling Posts – 

I’m sure most people do this but for those of you who don’t I thought I’d cover it quickly, I’m always scheduling posts, not really far ahead but maybe for in a few day times or the following week! It’s super handy and I find myself forgetting about that post because its done and dusted with and spending more time thinking about the next one.

Scheduling Social Media – 

Recently I came across Buffer for scheduling tweets and status, I think this is a fab way for getting your blog out there more as when you put up a new post or even schedule a post you can schedule a tweet/status for just after as well! I forget to do this all the time so this has been perfect for me. I only currently use it for Twitter at the moment as thats the site I use the most but you can also do this for Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest.

I hope you found this helpful in some way, if anyone knows another similar helpful links feel free to leave them below. Look out of tomorrows blog post up at 6pm where I discuss the differences between Blogger and WordPress.

Chlo xo

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