Cracking my iPhone

A few weeks ago while on a night out I dropped my iPhone 6 and smashed the screen – now the screen was already cracked a little but I had put up with it for a good few months as it was in the corner of the screen and didn’t effect anything. I think dropping it for the second time made the crack expand and covered the whole thing. I had a screen protector on and I remember peeling that back and the glass was just falling out.

Before I had dropped it for the second time I wanted to upgrade my phone but my contract wasn’t up for another 6 months and it was going to cost a lot to pay it off and take out a new contract. So I pushed that to the back of my head and told myself I would just wait it out, that was until I dropped it, I knew I had to pay out money some way or another and the phone was in fab condition (apart from the screen). My plan was to get the iPhone 6s Plus when my contract was up or by that time would of probably been the 7 but I knew I wanted to go larger and get the Plus. So I made the decision to fix the screen which after ringing around every phone shop in my local area and going with the cheapest at £80. I check those sites like ‘compare and recycle’ and ‘sell my mobile’ and they were able to give me £266 which I thought was a good amount as I had the phone 2 years. My friend started asking about it and she also want to upgrade to something newer so she brought it off me for the same price it was worth.

Now my contract wasn’t up yet and they wanted to charge me £350 to end it and start a new one, so I thought more about buying one outright, but having to pay for a car as well I just wasn’t in the position  to do that. So I turned to trusty old Argos I knew you could take a ‘loan’ out on a card, it’s interest free for a certain amount of time and you pay a small amount monthly. So that is what I did it was quick to sign up and I walked away with the iPhone 6s Plus in Rose Gold! I don’t actually recommend taking loans out or using credit cards, don’t do this unless you really need to and you know your able to pay back.

Check out my other blog post where I compare my old iPhone with my new, let me know in the comments the phone you currently have and if you like it or not?

Chlo xo

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