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Good Evening!

I thought I’d do something a little different today, I haven’t actually seen any bloggers do this, I know youtube is popular for ‘what’s on my iPhone’ videos. So I decided to do a blog post and share with you the apps I have, my most used ones and my layout.

To start off with this is my lock screen background, It’s just a quote I found off google which I really liked.






On my first page I have the apps I use the most. So you have the usual ones: Calendar, Photos, Camera, Weather, Clock, Maps, Notes, App Store, Settings and Mail. I then have my banking app as I use that all the time, Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest and Google Maps. I much prefer this to the mapping app that comes on the iPhone as it gives much better directions and tells you things like what lane to be in at roundabouts. I then have Spotify, Bloglovin’, Podcasts, Instagram and Youtube.

I could fit another four apps in the bottom but I like to keep a space to stop it looking cluttered and crowded.

On the bottom panel I keep: Phone, Safari, Messages and Music, although I never use music I use Spotify instead so I could do with switching that around.





I only have two pages so on the last one. I have an “extras” folder which contains things I don’t use that come automatically on the phone. Now this really bugs me! I think Apple should allow you to delete the apps you don’t personally use as they take up unnecessary memory. In there I keep Compass, Tips, Voice Memos, Contacts, Find Friends, Find my iPhone, Wallet, Health, iBooks, Watch, News, Videos, Stocks, Game Centre, FaceTime, iTunes Store, Calculator and Reminders. I do actually use contacts but you can access it through the phone app so I get to it that way instead, FaceTime I use but I tend to just click on someones name and ring that way, and calculator I use the short cut way on sliding the panel up.

I then have VSCO which is a really good editing app for Instagram which I highly recommend, Free music which I don’t actually use, Snapchat, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Best Fiends (omg! I’m obsessed! Download it and you will be as well!) Paypal, Buffer, which is so handy for scheduling tweets and status’s, Crowdfire, Blended, Easy, Depop, Trainline, Zoom, Instasize, Timehop, Periscope, Facebook, Hangouts and 1SE which I actually had to click on it to see what it even was! It’s a 1 second video app someone recommended for holidays. You can film a tiny clip everyday and put them together for a video of your holiday, it can be longer than 1 second and you can do it for any occasion. I’ll be on holiday by the time you read this so I’m going to give it a try and I’ll let you know what I come up with and how it goes.

So that’s everything I have on my phone, I hope you enjoyed this different style of blog post.

Chlo xo

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