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Good evening! I’ve recently got back from holiday, I went to Fuerteventura for 10 days with my family it was a lovely holiday the weather was lush!! Now I’m back in England and although it’s definitely a lot warmer it’s been raining which makes me want to be sat on the beach listening to the sea again! Anyway enough of me talking about beaches and hot weather, today I thought I’d do a Travel Essentials post for you! These are the items I find important when travelling on a plane or anywhere for a long amount of time!

I used this stripy rucksack for my plane bag, I love rucksacks and this one looks super summery and cute, I also like having both my hands free so I don’t need to carry anything. I actually purchased this a good few years back from Primark but never used it much. Definitely going to get more use this summer!

The first thing that’s a must is my phone, it’s always on me anyway but it’s definitely my entertainment when travelling. Some planes even have wifi now unfortunately mine didn’t but I had a few games that could run without wifi. I also normally listen to music the whole plan journey so my second essential is headphones and I just use the ones that Apple supply with the phone they are super comfy and sit nicely in my ears.

Something I’ve always done on planes is eat sweets on take off and landing, I was taught to do this from a young age as apparently it helps with your ears. To be honest I don’t think it makes much of difference and my ears have always been fine but I know some people can have problems and if you hate the taking off and landing I definitely recommend doing this. It’s also great for young children to do to distract them.

I also carry a small amount of money with me, this time I took my uk card and then some euros. At the airport and on the plane you can pay by card and most the time in any currency which is always handy.

Then lastly of course I took my Camera to capture some lovely photos on holiday, It’s obviously a lot safer to carry expensive technology with your hand luggage to save it being crushed or broken in your suitcase.

Hope you enjoyed this small post on my travel essentials, I know I love reading what other people take with them!


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