Currently May


So today is my birthday I’m 19 which isn’t an exciting age! Anyway here is my ‘currently’ for May…

Watching Marcella.. it’s finished now which I’m a bit gutted about if you haven’t watched it I definitely recommend it, I’m always in to crime and investigating programs.

Eating nothing, I’ve actually cut down on eating a lot this month and I can’t think of anything food I’ve been enjoying recently! Very unlike me!

Planning my birthday weekend all month which is now sadly over 🙁

Wishing the weather would get better

Missing Spain

Drinking water

Reading ‘If you could see me now’ By Cecelia Ahern

Writing lists of things I need to do

Wearing skirts a lot this month

Listening to Zoella’s spotify playlist

Dreading nothing

Excited for Slam dunk on Sunday

Amazed how quickly my birthday has came around

Impatiently waiting for pay day

Feeling tired after a long and busy weekend

Creating draft blog posts

Need to finish literally everything! Theres so much I start and never finish!

Main goal for this month is to go out more

Let me know what you are currently doing?

Chlo xo

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