Birthday Gifts

Hellloooo! Hope you’re all well!

It was my Birthday last week I had a lovely day and I even managed to drag it out for a whole week, with outings with friends and family and I was still receiving gifts by the end of the week! As I’m getting older I tend to get less presents and more money which I think is the way with everyone. Im very thankful for the money and gifts I received. So I thought I’d show you some of the lovely presents.

note book three

As we all know from previous posts about notebooks I’m obsessed so when I opened up these three gorgeous ones from my friends I was very excited. They are all ones I would of picked up myself! I love the three smaller ones in the middle as they are travel themed, thin and small enough to fit into my bag.




My sister also brought me this lovely Cath Kidston Diary which I adore and have already started filling it out. I love there range although it can be a little price it’s always full of such lovely pieces and cute designs.

6 presents


I hope you enjoyed this small post, I know I love looking at the things other people receive!
I hope everyone had a great bank holiday let me know what you got up to in the comments!

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