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Last weekend I took a trip to London to attend Summer in the City with my friend Jade, we have wanted to go for the last 4 years but never got around to it. So after seeing what youtubers were attending this year we brought our tickets and organised the weekend to stay in London. Now when I say ‘organised’ I mean leaving it until 2 days before the event to book our hotel and our train tickets the night before. Luckily we sorted everything in time and I’m so glad we went, we stayed in a small hotel one short tube away from the London ExCel where the event was being held.

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On the Saturday we met Anna and Jonathan Sacconejoly, also known as the Sacconejoly’s on youtube. If you don’t know them I highly recommend you go watch them now because they are a very loveable family. They upload a Vlog everyday at 6pm and they also have their own separate channels. They were lovely to meet in person, and Jonathan was smaller than he looks in his videos which is fab because I’m small!


On Sunday we met Helen Anderson who I must say has an amazing dress sense she always looks so wacky and I know she strongly believes in free expression which I love. She has a main channel which she uploads beauty lifestyle videos too as well as a vlog channel.

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We also saw some other Youtubers such as Chipdaddy, Saffron and Jake, Mark Ferris, Emma Blackery, Luke Cutforth, Harrison and Anderson Webb. There were so many there and it was great that you could meet and talk to them in a more causal environment. Overall it was a lovely weekend and I will definitely be going next year!
















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Let me know in the comments if you went this year or previous years and which youtubers you’ve met!

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