Intro to 12 Days Of Christmas | BLOGMAS

As from today you are officially allowed to play Christmas songs and watch Christmas movies ekkkkk I can’t believe it’s December already and Christmas is right around the corner which is exciting and scary at the same time.. exciting because food, presents, family and days off! Scary because this means 2016 is pretty much over and this year has gone by in a flash it’s making me feel old and like I need to get my life together, lets hope next year is the year I do!

I’ve decided to take part in BLOGMASSSS this year because I freakin love it and it’s my favourite time of year I thought why the heck not give it a go! I may fail but at least I can say I tried! To make it a little easier to achieve I’ve decided to do 12 days of Blogmas so instead of putting a post up everyday you will have one every other day! The topics will be varied and not always Christmas related as I feel this works best for me.

My decorations aren’t up yet so I’m really looking forward to getting them out and decorating my room and the tree! My M&S beauty advent calendar is making me feel christmassy for now! I’ve never had a beauty calendar so it’s making the count down much more exciting! Let me know if you have a beauty calendar or the classic chocolate ones!




I’d love to know your favourite posts to read this time of the year and if you are taking part in Blogmas let me know in the comments!

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