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The temperature has recently dropped and now it’s December it’s starting to feel a lot more like winter, which I’m very happy about because this means scarfs, jumpers, boots and cosy nights in cuddled up watching Christmas films.. oh this really is my favourite time of year! On a less happier note I’ve made a list of 32 things that annoy me!

  1. The cold when you get out a hot shower
  2. Putting one leg out the bed due to being too warm but then you’re too cold
  3. Unlocking my phone and forgetting what I wanted to check
  4. Being cold
  5. The bath being too cold or too hot
  6. Holding the door for someone who didn’t say thank you
  7. Bitchy people
  8. Dumb people
  9. Not being able to sleep
  10. Changing the duvet sheet- I don’t mind the pillows
  11. People who demand an answer when your answer really is ‘I don’t know’
  12. Periods
  13. Bullies mean-girls1
  14. Apple updates when theres literally just been one and you notice no difference
  15. Thinking you put something on charge and it wasn’t in properly the whole time
  16. Painting my nails
  17. Spiders
  18. Negativity
  19. Being full when you still have half a plate of food to go
  20. Waking up a few minutes before my alarm
  21. Being so bored you turn to food
  22. When my makeup doesn’t go right so I have to start again
  23. When my foundation doesn’t last the 8 hours it claims to
  24. When you realise you’ve wasted your whole day off watching Netflix and scrolling through social media which was meant to be a productive planned day
  25. People that follow then unfollow when you don’t follow them back
  26. When I leave my tea a while to cool down then forget about it and it goes cold
  27. Pens that don’t work but are full of ink
  28. Not being able to find pens due to pen stealers at work
  29. Stupid drivers
  30. Slow drivers
  31. Wrapping up warm because it’s cold outside then having to strip in shops
  32. ‘Not enough photo storage’ this always happens to me at gigs when I’m trying to get cute pictures of Kellin Quin

Let me know if you can relate to any of these things!
Chlo xo


  1. 7th December 2016 / 9:50 am

    Haha this post did make me giggle a bit because I can relate to so many of these >.< ! x

    • FashionWonderland
      7th December 2016 / 12:45 pm

      Haha glad you could relate! Thank you for the comment, I’ve left you one as well x

    • FashionWonderland
      7th December 2016 / 12:47 pm

      Thanks for the comment Jade, loving your Christmas blog header??? it’s super cute xx

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