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I started reading this book about a month before it came out, I think I was around half way through when it came out in cinema and everyone started hyping it up that it was a must see film. I believe some came out pretty disappointed that the film wasn’t as good as the book which I agree but I always think books are better because you imagine the scenes your own way and theres so much more detail being described. I waited last minute to watch the film because I wanted to finish the book first as I was enjoying it so much and knew it wouldn’t be the same if I went to see the film without finishing. The book was AMAZING and it’s definitely one I would read again, bare in mind I NEVER read a book twice!

You really attach yourself to the characters and it’s one you are unable to put down because you just have to find out who killed Megan which was never the person you thought it was.. obviously! I love the way it’s written and I’m not normally a big fan of the books that take you back in time and write from other characters point of view but it was easy to follow and pulled you in more. The design of the book has to be one of my favourite styles, I love how the front is glossy and quite simple and the way the book opens makes it easy to bend and comfortable to hold ( I feel like I’m writing book porn right now ).

I loved the film nearly as much, it was interesting to put faces to the characters although everything was slightly different to how I imagined it in my head, the houses were nicer.. I imagined a block of run down houses all in a row. They also changed a couple of things which everyone agrees was pointless such as the night Megan died took place on a Saturday in the book yet in the film they changed it to a Friday.

Overall I loved the book more, when watching the film it wasn’t quite as exciting because I already knew the story line and what was coming, I think it would of been a different experience if I hadn’t read the book but It was really interesting to compare and see what I liked better. Let me know if you’ve read or watched The Girl On The Train, I’d love to know someone else views on it.

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