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  1. This was such a brilliant post. I’m somewhere who constantly got called names when I was younger for being skinny. I hated my body when I was around the ages of 12-15 because I was smaller than all my friends, clothes didn’t look the same on me as they did them and it got me quite down. However, now I’m older I’ve learnt to accept and love my body for what it is and that it isn’t so bad after all. Like you, some days I fit into a size 6 and some days I can hardly fit into a size 10, and thats okay. Thank you for this wonderful post!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Beautifully written Chloe, thank you for sharing your experience. I am sure this post will help a lot of woman, especially younger girls who are going through what you did and feel they are alone

  3. I totally relate to this post, thank you sooo much for writing it! As a kid I was smaller than everyone both in weight nd height. I was even shorter than my current girlfriend who is the same height now as she was back in middle school. Now the only difference is that I’m taller, but i feel like my body can’t make up it’s mind as I’m biologically make but I have very feminine legs and I’m still stuck thin as hell. I dont quite love my body yet but shes helping me get there sort of. I’m glsd you’re there and loving yourself! x

  4. I’m sorry that you’ve experienced this. It is not fair at all! ‘But loosing weight and being a certain size will not bring you happiness.’ – This sums up my thoughts exactly, I’ve never been above a size 6/8 until very recently and for a while when I realised I was fitting more 8/10 I was gutted. I tried to loose the weight but i was so unhappy. Now I’ve accepted my new size and slightly more curvy body I am much happier in myself and my god I love pizza 😀 x

  5. There were many moments I found myself thinking “that was so me” as I read this post. I’ve always been considered the skinny & tall girl. Both things were commented on by people as negetive traits to possess from time to time but through those times my family helped me form a healthy perspective on myself & how to extend grace to those who have something bad to say about my skinny/tall self. Haha. thank you for sharing!!

    – Courtney <3

  6. Oh, I’m sorry that you’ve had to deal with these comments. It is totally unacceptable that in this day and age that people feel the need to comment to someones weight! Ive not always been body confident and its taken a hit recently as I’ve been ill. I used to love body con tops and dresses but recently been favouring the more flowing and loose tops to cover up! x

  7. I love this. I can relate so much. I’ve never been happy with my body despite being a size 6 – 8 but I do get that paranoia if I voice these feelings among others who don’t understand my thoughts and feelings.

    Well done on being so open and honest.

    Chloe x

  8. Such a lovely, honest post, you are so gorgeous btw Chlo. Body shaming is wrong whether it’s a skinny person or a fat person, it’s not right and it hurts either way, I have had both hence why my weight rockets between either all the time, I hate it.

    Alice x

    • Thank you so much! I agree it’s wrong either way! I hope it improves in the future and doesn’t just get worse!

      Chlo x

  9. Thank you for sharing this.
    Some people tend to think its only body shaming when you say something to a larger person.
    Ive always been slim and was constantly told I am too skinny or I should eat more (until they see how much I eat).
    It did affect me at some point and I have always ignored the comments.

  10. It’s so sad that people blatantly body shame. All my childhood, I was called skinny but it was never too bad, or not something that I would even consider bullying, luckily. However, now that I have put on some weight, even though my BMI is perfectly normal and I don’t see myself as overweight, it is weird that some people would randomly call me ‘fat’. I mean it does really boggle my mind as what is even their definition of skinny and fat or is it just something that swings side to side like a pendulum if a particular individual gains or loses.

    ♥ Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  11. This is such an important post that everyone can struggle with their bodies and that’s okay. Also it’s important to remember that we’re all different and that’s what makes us great! Keep loving yourself and remember you’re a queen!

  12. The haribo I sweet must have been such a scary experience for you! I’m never happy with my body size and after giving birth I feel down about myself. I know I shouldn’t as that was my little girls home for just over 9 months

    Tasha x

  13. This is a lovely post I totally identify with your feelings and I’ve been through some of this as well! Just remember you are a queen and you are always enough! Xxx

  14. This is a lovely post I totally identify with your feelings and I’ve been through some of this as well! Just remember you are a queen and you are always enough! Xxx

  15. Thank you for opening up and sharing this, Chloe! I completely agree that just because you have a figure that other people envy, doesn’t mean that you’re 100% happy with it! It’s all about how YOU feel about it, not what number is on the scale or on your pair of jeans! Shopping is also a total nightmare with the size differences between shops, in some places I’m a 10 or 12, in others an 8 or a 6, it makes no sense!! You keep doing you and make yourself happy, that’s all that matters!

    Abbey ?

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