Blogging Motivation | Where Have I Been?

I haven’t posted in well over a month. If I’m honest it’s flew by and it feels like I wrote “You’re Too Skinny” yesterday. It’s now May, everyone says it but I honestly don’t know where this year has gone. I hope it slows down at some point so I don’t feel like my life is just disappearing.
I don’t have a good excuse for not putting any posts up, other than I had no motivation what so ever, I’ve still been highly active on my social media and promoting my posts, and still generating ideas but every time I created a draft I couldn’t seem to form any words worth posting.

I’ve always believed you should post when and what you want, that you shouldn’t force it and you should be posting because you want to not because you feel you have too. I’ve previously done posts that aren’t that interestingΒ that I haven’t been passionate about. I’m ashamed to say I’ve purely posted them because it seemed like good topic or maybe it was nice and easy to type up and get it published. I don’t want my blog to be about that this year. I want to post topics personal to me, that I’m passionate about and things I enjoy writing about. Not just publishing a post because it’s been a while and I “need”Β to.

In the last month I’ve received 4,000 blog views and I haven’t put one single post up. Thats way over what I usually get a month. It goes to show that you don’t need to be forcing yourself to post constantly just because you think people will stop reading. If you are promoting and still active chances are people will still read.
I’m extremely happy with that, thank you to anyone who’s ever read my blog because honestly I didn’t think I’d get over a few views a day. Although I may have quiet patches I don’t think I’ll stop blogging any time soon, I love it and I truly think it was meant for me.

A Little Catch Up

I’ve been a lot more busier at work recently, it’s really picked up and as I work full time this takes up a huge amount of my time. It’s settled down a lot now and I’m trying to manage my time a lot better! My blog has grown a lot in the last month not just with views but social stats as well! I’m pretty close to 2k on Twitter and just over 700 on Instagram. This is definitely motivating me to carry on blogging! Even though it’s mega hard to grow on Instagram and my number always goes up and down I’ve really enjoyed posting recently, I changed up my feed and no longer stick to a white flat lay theme, I just post when I want and try to get lots of pretty colourful images up as much as I can to document my life. I’m feeling much more motivated now so hoping to get back into writing more content on my blog!

I’m off to Spain the end of this month so you’ll see lots of holiday photos and blog posts of what I got up too!


  1. 21st May 2017 / 10:01 am

    Lovely post Chlo! Can’t wait to see your future posts! I love them so much. I also agree a much needed break is a really good thing xx

  2. 20th May 2017 / 9:52 am

    So glad you’re back to writing lovely, I completely agree with not forcing yourself to post , I’ve tried and it just never works xx

  3. 14th May 2017 / 10:30 am

    I totally know what you mean. I also feel like I haven’t posted in ages but I also agree that’s OK. I love your update and can’t wait to see holiday pictures!

    Chloe x

  4. 13th May 2017 / 9:13 pm

    It’s so easy to lose motivation in whatever you’re doing. Hopefully your trip will help! Enjoy the break x

  5. 11th May 2017 / 12:53 am

    I needed this. I totally understand what you mean about just not feeling like you have it in you to write a post worth posting. This is my first month really attempting to keep up a content calendar. I’m finding that I planned out certain posts but it’s hard to feel inspired to actually write them when I planned I would write them. It’s such a controversy! For every “be consistent” suggestion there’s a “quality over quantity” suggestion.

  6. 10th May 2017 / 11:55 am

    The year is absolutely flying by, isn’t it?! You’re right about not posting for the hell of it, if your heart isn’t in it, then there’s no point putting it up for the sake of it! Instagram is definitely disheartening at the moment, so I’ve dropped out of all the ‘comment pods’ and I just post when I feel like it – I’m still getting ‘likes’ but fewer comments – but at least they’re genuine comments!

    Have a great time in Spain lovely!

  7. 10th May 2017 / 11:48 am

    I always feel guilty if I don’t post because I don’t want people to forget about me haha! But it’s true, your views don’t really go down just because you don’t post for a while! Love this post, lady! Xx

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