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  1. Such a good month for you! I loved seeing your holiday pictures. I too watched PLL and me and my boyfriend love GG it’s so hard finding the time when the weather is so nice in the summer and you just want to be out! I think we’ll end up watching more in the autumn when it’s acceptable to snuggle on the sofa.

    Chloe x

  2. Congrats on your stats lovely – that’s amazing! I’m totally over PLL to be honest, I’m so sad it’s over but so disappointed with the ending! Also can we talk about that outfit pic?! You look insane!
    Jen / xx

    • Thank you so much! I didn’t think that picture was that great! Honestly you’ve made me feel so much better about myself and my blog! x

  3. I’m really sad about PLL being over, but like you I’m also glad it’s one less show I have to keep up with. I’ve been kind of busy lately. lol

    You are doing well with your Twitter and Instagram following. I’ve had my instagram account for 3 years and have 380 followers, and I’ve had my Twitter for ten years now and have 664 followers there. Although Insta and Facebook are mainly the only social media I’m most active on these days.

    • Just wanted to add that I just went to your instagram and it’s really nice! I’m surprised you don’t have thousands of followers, to be honest. I followed you! (isthatvodka is my username)

    • Yeah they can be really hard to grow on! I don’t have a page for my blog yet and don’t share it on my personal Facebook x

  4. I love PLL and OITNB. I’m sad PLL is over too but definitely agree it’s one less show to keep up on. Well done on your stats growth btw, there is lots of follow threads on twitter right now that are helpful when trying to go twitter, Insta and Bloglovin followings ☺️ X

  5. Ah Chlo I absolutely love New Girl! It’s one of my favourite shows ever! It sounds like you’ve had a great June and good job on those amazing stats! X

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