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  1. I really need to sort out some of my old things to sell as our house has become so cluttered lately! There’s some really good tips here, thanks! x

  2. I’m constantly selling my unwanted items on both eBay and Depop – sometimes sales can be a little slow, but I’ve definitely made a few hundred quid which is awesome! I’ll have to check out People Per Hour as well, I’m currently trying to become a professional photographer so this will help xo

    Char |

  3. Finding little ways to earn extra cash in the month is definitely so helpful! Being a Glossier rep has definitely helped give me a little extra money on the side, even if it’s just to invest back into my blog / beauty spending habits. I also re-sell a lot of my clothes/shoes/accessories online via Poshmark – pretty sure it’s only in the US but it’s similar to Depop. I’m in need of a clear out so hopefully I can do that and muster the energy to post them up for sale too!

  4. I have quite a lot of creative knowledge I’d be able to make money off but it’s just having the time to do the work around every day life! I also find with selling old and unwanted things sometimes it’s not even worth the hassle for the pennies you get for it 🙁 I have heard a lot of good things about online survey sites though, it’s just finding the right ones!
    Alice Xx

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