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  1. I don’t work out the rest of the year so I think that’s out the window for me ? I tend to find that staying busy helps me out a lot in winter, whether it’s at work or college or even blogging at home! Always keeps me motivated!
    Emma |

  2. Exercise takes such a back seat in Winter because of motivation and the early darkness but it is super important to keep up some sort of routine as otherwise you end up consistently hibernating and making the SAD worse! Self-care is also important and all those pigs in blankets and chocolate will make you feel better too so don’t feel guilty about those 🙂
    Alice Xx

  3. I have the Canon 700D as well and I love it, it’s such a great camera. I work 9-5 and start at 8.30 as well, so catching the natural daylight is extremely difficult. I have actually booked a couple of days off this month and next, just so I can stay on top of my blog! I also try and do as much as I can on the weekend. I did use studio lighting one evening and it worked amazingly well and looked just as great as natural light, so at least I have that option if I run out of time and/or natural light 🙂 xo

    Char |

  4. I really need to get out the house more but I never seem to find the time! I need to incorporate an exercise regime into my routine too but I can never find the motivation… wish I could!

  5. Ah you are so motivated doing your photography before work! I would find it hard to get out of bed. The light does suck in winter though! I have depression, which is worsened by the weather and light at this time of year so I feel for you – glad to hear you are still feeling motivated and able to cope. I’m with you on the exercise too – so hard to feel up to doing anything but snuggling on the sofa when it’s cold outside! x

  6. Loved this post Chlo! I also love Lucy’s channels for work outs and find something as simple as leaving the house or doing a bit of exercise can put me in a much better mood for the day! ?

  7. I wish I had your dedication for using natural light to capture your images! I’ve recently invested in a soft box because I can never take pictures when the sun is out because I’m always at work or I’m busy on the days when I’m not at work.

    I have always loved winter more than summer, but I definitely know what you mean about the shorter days and how it can make you become less motivated because I’m definitely feeling it! I hope you manage to overcome the disorder as you slowly adjust to the change in season!

    Jenny x

  8. I totally agree with you about the working out during the winter! I find it so much harder to motivate myself to work out in the winter. It’s one thing to be cold, but its another to sweat and be cold at the same time (ew…). I have been wanting to take more walks lately, as you mentioned you do yourself, for the same reason. Taking walks, especially with a nice hot coffee in hand, is one of the ways I find brings me so much peace!

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