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  1. Really enjoyed this and is something I always need reminded to do because I’m constantly on the go, never taking a break! Slow living is so important for our MH & character. It helps us really soak in the smaller, best things in life.

  2. I love all of these. I think curling up with a candle burning and a good read is the best kind of way to end the day. Nowadays I do have my Christmas lights up and lit while I binge watch a series on Netflix or catch up on blogs. Waking up on my own is the best kind of feeling and unfortunately only something that happens on weekends as I have to get up much too early on weekdays.

    Pets are great ways to embrace slow living – cuddling with them in bed/on the sofa and taking them for long walks on crisp cold mornings and evenings!

    Cindy |

  3. How nice would it be to actually do these things. We’re surrounding by a world where time runs us instead of the other way round. Sunday’s are definitely my chill days x

  4. Awh I love this post! I find it really hard to take the time for myself, I always feel guilty if I’m not working on my blog or doing uni work but I do enjoy it when I can finally snuggle up with a cup of tea and a good film!x

    Francesca | ?

  5. Love this! I am always buzzing around trying to get my to do list done, but I feel so much better when I allow myself to sit and cosy up with a hot chocolate or take the dog for a long walk.

    Abi xx

  6. Exactly the same as you lovely. Just reading this post made me feel more relaxed!
    I find it so difficult to just stop and take some time out as I always feel guilty for it, but you’re right, it’s important to give yourself time and enjoy the little things almost.
    Loved the post x

  7. Honestly I love this idea – just slowing it all down and embracing the little things – definitely something we can all benefit with a hectic Christmas coming up!

  8. I love practicing these things when I’m on a break from uni or when I’m caught up, I wish I could do it more often but I’m always so worried about how much I have to do!
    Emma |

  9. I love this idea! To be honest I haven’t looked into slow living much but I guess it would be similar to your list, I love the idea of slowing down and just enjoying the small things. A top one would probably be taking the time to explore and walk around little towns/new places. Lovely post!

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  10. Honestly slow living is not a thing for me, I feel so on edge all the time as I always feel like there’s something I should be doing. I really need to start taking more time and work through that list you have there as it all sounds like a dream to be honest, I miss relaxing and curling up with a book and a hot drink!
    Alice Xx

  11. I really liked the idea of this post, I think It is such a good idea. Sometimes I find it so hard to take time out just for myself. I like to read and also I think it is so important to enjoy every day, try not to go onto your phone too much when you are with people and just create memories!

    Sophia xo //

  12. It’s so important to take time for yourself, I find it hard living in central London so every time I go back home to the country I make sure I switch off completely (it really helps that we have no signal there haha) and always make sure to go on a walk or two while i’m there.


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