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Cringe to some, cute to others is how I think of Valentines. I’ve seen a lot of discussion and peoples opinions on if the day should be celebrated or not. Majority argue you should love your partner everyday of the year so why is there one day to celebrate love. I agree but I didn’t invent valentines so for me it’s just another day. It’s definitely a marketing ploy I mean I’ve spent all week making a valentines newsletter for work so I’m pretty fed up of red, pink and bloody hearts.

Growing up Valentines is a day I’ve felt a lot of different ways about. In primary school it was a day that was filled with excitement to see if my classroom crush had popped a card in my personalised class draw or not. In high school it was a day I dreaded because I knew I wouldn’t get any cards but my friends probably would. One year myself and my friend both received one that happened to have the same hand writing, to start with we were thrilled that we were both liked by this one guy, are minds were racing trying to work out who it may be only to find out our mums had fooled us and got our neighbour to write us both one (thanks mum). Only now is this funny but at the time we were gutted that we didn’t actually receive a card that year.

This year, the day is a day that I get to share with my partner and have done for the last few years, we aren’t huge ones for celebrating it as we agree that the love should be the same everyday and we do show our love for one another everyday but what we don’t do is give each other a card everyday so It’s a nice thing to do once a year. We do like to give a little something and spend time together, whether that’s the classic cinema or going out for a meal. For us it’s just an excuse to spoil each other a little more, dress up and go out for tasty food.

Whether you celebrate it or not I think it’s more a day about sharing love, it doesn’t have to be a partner, it can be a family member, friend or just a day to spend some quality time with yourself. Have a bath, light some candles and indulge in a good book under a blanket. Whatever makes YOU happy. I’m a firm believer that self love is important and everyone should take time for themselves.

Being happy in your own body is one of the best feelings. It took me years to finally feel good about myself and stop comparing myself to everyone around me. Okay I’m not saying I don’t do this at all but it’s on a much smaller scale and not something that affects my mental health. I’ve come up with some things that help me with self love…

  • When my hair goes right – lets face it we all have those bad hair days and it’s taken me a good 20 years to actually love my hair, I spent years fighting with it wanting it to be straight like everyone else and now I’m a sucker for my curly hair.
  • A new outfit always does the trick, if you look good you instantly feel good. This black gorgeous bodysuit from Boohoo instantly did this for me and you bet I’ll be wearing this on valentines, probably with some ripped mom jeans.
  • If your hair is to a T and you’re totally feeling your outfit then that calls for a couple of selfies and a new profile picture.
  • I often find myself wanting to try new styles and then never getting around to it, I’ll get the inspiration in work and then forget by the time I’m home. Recently I put my hair in space buns and mastered winged eyeliner (I know I’m late to the party)
  • It’s not all about the way you look. Having an orange bath, painting my nails, yoga and reading a good book are all part of self love for me.
  • Going to the gym and eating healthy can make me feel pretty good but also sometimes I just want to eat chocolate buttons and not actually care (you bet this is me tonight)

So a lot for me is about the way I look. Sounds bad right? But what else do people in their 20s think about? Obviously I don’t obsessed over the way I look I just very much enjoy style and when I work 5 days a week in a gross smart uniform I’m left with two days of the week to actually feel good about the way I look and express myself. Oh gawd I’m rambling now and I’ve sidetracked from what my point was…

It’s really about whatever you want it to be, the things that make you happy and feel good about yourself. Taking you time is very important so if you’re spending valentines alone,  embrace it and treat yourself to some self love because you deserve it girlllllll.


  1. 23rd February 2018 / 12:15 pm

    You’re glowing in that pic! Lovely post 🙂 XX

  2. 20th February 2018 / 10:55 pm

    These self love tips are great.

  3. 11th February 2018 / 7:33 pm

    You are gorgeous, girl!
    I love your hair – and your smile 😍
    Thank you for sharing this post – it’s good to have a little reminder!

  4. 10th February 2018 / 4:16 pm

    If you think about it, our whole modern life is just marketing. I hate that argument for being anti-holidays. I love ALL THE HOLIDAYS. It’s a break in everyday life and open to interpretation of how to celebrate. For me, Valentines will always be based on elementary school traditions. You make cute little gifts for all your friends, eat a ton of pink colored sugared things while wearing your favorite pink shirt. I’ve never interpreted it to be a forced day of expensive proclamations of my love for my partner.

    But let’s talk about that hair! IT LOOKS SO AMAZING. I hope you took at least a dozen selfies 🙂

  5. Candice
    9th February 2018 / 5:21 am

    Your hair looks so beautiful! I have been having my own battles with my hair but that’s because of regrowth!

    Candice |

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