Bring the Outdoors in with This Home Advice

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While interior design trends come and go all the time, one that has stuck around is bringing the outdoors in. And this can be done literally by blurring the line between your house and your garden, as well as decorating your home with items which are typically found outdoors. The main advantages include making your house appear larger, airier and more modern. So, here are a few of the best ways that you can create this effect in your own home.


Open Up the View


Your number one aim should be removing as many barriers between the inside and outside as you can. You should start by decluttering your interiors and removing and big items such as furniture which is currently blocking your views. Heavy curtains around your windows can stop light from getting inside, so you could try switching to semi-transparent blinds or shutters as an alternative.


Max Out on Glass


Plenty of glass in your home will give a greater sense of connection between outside and inside. So, if you can increase the size of your windows – particularly those looking out over your garden – this will have a nice effect. You could also look at ways that you can make your garden more accessible with sliding doors. On summer days, your outdoor and indoor spaces will be much easier to transition between. If you don’t have a garden, placing lots of greenery outside like flower baskets and potted plants can make up for it.


Choose the Right Flooring


Selecting the most appropriate flooring helps to blur the line between outdoor and indoor spaces. If you can make the level of your indoor flooring and your patio the same, the transition becomes seamless. Try using a similar type of material – or at least one that feels the same underfoot. This will help to reinforce the feeling that your indoor and outdoor spaces are the same.


Coordinate the Furniture


Reinforce the feeling that your outdoors and indoors is one by choosing furniture which has a similar colour scheme. You could either introduce the colours from your garden inside the house or else paint your garden furniture in a way that echoes the colour scheme of your home. When choosing furniture, try not to go for anything which is too bulky that could obstruct any views.


Bring Greenery Indoors


The final way that we are going to talk about of creating an ‘outdoorsy’ feel in your home is by literally bringing potted plants and other forms of greenery inside. You could also experiment with other natural decorative features such as stones, sand, and branches. Displaying fresh flowers on a regular basis will help to give your home a fresh aroma every time you walk inside.


So, as we move through this cold winter and spring is (hopefully) just around the corner, now is the perfect time to make the most of this advice and create a home that has a wonderfully natural feel.      

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