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Interior design is something that allows you to be creative in your own home. It allows you to express you to design your home as you want it, and nobody can judge on the design that you chose. As long as you’re happy with it, that’s all that should matter. Everyone should have an interior design wishlist. Everyone should have that vision to turn a room into something great, and one of the best ways of doing this is by creating yourself a wishlist. A list that you can add to over time, until you have enough things there to completely transform a room. Switching up your interior design completely is going to be rather expensive, and it only needs to be done every two or three years. Any less than that, and you haven’t enjoyed your previous design. Any more than that, and you’ll often find the decor becomes outdated, and you become bored with the look. So, if you haven’t got an interior design wishlist already, here’s a little start to one you could make your own.

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Furniture is one of the biggest purchases that you would make, so we might as well start with this first. Furniture is the best way of completely changing a room. You can change the colour of your sofa for example, and then the rest of the room can follow suit. The different types of styles and designs that are available is just wonderful as well. Talking about the sofa again, you’ve got the option of leather or cloth material. Some people prefer leather as it looks more luxurious, others prefer a cloth sort of material as it’s more comfy, and can still look equally as luxurious as long as you furnish it right. Companies such as chesterfield sofa design some of the most beautiful sofas, you just need to decide whether you want leather or other! You should also think about the colour that you want. If your home design is a bit unique, you could go for something really colourful, such as a lime green. If you like to stick to neutral colours, then we would highly recommend that you stick to greys, blacks, or creams. As you well know, a sofa is one of the most expensive purchases that you’re going to add to your wishlist, so make sure you’re picking one that you will be happy with for years to come.



The decor of your home is completely up to you, and the style that you like to follow. But there are a few things that you should be adding to your wishlist, and that’s the colours that you’re going to use. There are some really in style colour schemes floating about at the minute that would really make your home look amazing. One of them has to be the grey, black, and white look. It’s perfect for the bedroom, and helps to induce a really relaxing vibe. All you need to make sure you’re doing is mixing the colours together right. You wouldn’t want the black to be overpowering the rest of the room. But at the same time you don’t want the white making the room too bright. Check out different takes on that interior design trend, and see what you would like! Some people prefer to go for the more majestic decor, and you can only get that with patterned wallpaper. There are some beautiful designs out there, but always make sure it’s not overpowering. Some have big flowers on them which just stand out so much, and can often make the room look slightly tacky. Focus on simplicity and elegance, rather than bold and elegant, it’ll work out so much better!



Accessories are the best thing to add to your wishlist. There’s so many different little things that you can add. One that we think is extra cool is Buddha ornaments, and indoor plants. They make the place look hip and trendy, and bring an element of calm to the room. An indoor plant should never be too big. We’re talking more like the little plant pots that you can get to put in individual rooms. Other accessories you might like is a big picture for your feature wall. It can be anything that tickles your fancy, but it sets a wall off and gives your guests something interesting to look at. On the other hand, you could go for something such as a big feature clock that fills a large space of the wall. It’s a more unique accessory, and switches it up from the normal clock that you might already have. It does look the best against a white or plain coloured wall however.


So, what else what you add to your interior design wishlist? Let us know your ideas!

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