Blending Modern and Traditional Decor In Your Home

There’s a growing trend towards modern homes. Traditional decor choices have, on occasion, but left out of the picture altogether. But is this the right approach? If you look at some homes, those that have adopted everything modern life and decor stylists have suggested, then you’ll see that they’re often lacking some of the warmth and sophistication that were mainstays of homes in the past. As such, it’s a good idea to blend in the modern with the traditional. After all, it’s more than possible to have a modern home while still retaining certain characteristics of traditional dwellings, as we’ll see below.



Back to Basics


Traditional homes were stone and wood heavy, so why not look at adding these materials to your home? In particular, take a look at the front door. Many are plastic based, which are, admittedly, good for keeping the cold out and bolstering security, but isn’t there just something about a traditional wood door, perhaps one that’s a funky colour? They work especially well if your home has exposed brick on the front. On the inside, look at adding wooden tables and chairs, and, where possible, touches of stone.


Mix up the Furniture


A great way to contrast your modern decor is to fill your room with traditional furniture. For sitting, take a look at chesterfield sofas from the Chesterfield Sofa Company; they lend a touch of traditional class that modern styles just can’t replicated, and go particularly well when it’s off-set against otherwise contemporary design. Vintage cabinets for your television, and a large wooden dining table will also add a smidgen of sophistication to your home, too.


Add Accessories


One of the best – and most fun – ways to bring the traditional look into the home is to play around with accessories. Some naturally lend themselves to the classic look. For example, you can add old-school lamps (or ones that just look old-school; there’s a growing market for “upcycled” lamps that look traditional), or place plants around the house. And there’s the matter of adding a series of bookshelves, which you can house those old hardback books. This in particular looks great when off-set against a mostly modern decor style; a mini library in the home says so much!


Keep Things Orderly


There’s something of a modern tendency to simplify our interiors. We don’t like cluttered places. This is somewhat in contrast to more traditional decor, which, while far from being over the top, was less about creating as much space as possible. To bring out the best from your modern and traditional choices, focus on keeping things orderly. You should let your traditional touches do all the speaking.


Modern Aspects


If you’re more focused on the modern way of doing things, then you can create a space that is modern as a default, yet which has touches of the traditional too. If you go too far with your modern fixation, then things can begin to look a little blend. Instead, think about adding a few traditional features as a way to contrast and offset the modern look – it’ll make the home look all the more interesting for it.


Different Rooms, Different Needs


If you’re not sure exactly how to mix traditional and modern styles, then you don’t have to try to incorporate them into the same room. Instead, you can subtly dedicate each room as one or the other. For example, you might prefer to have a more modern living room and more traditional dining room. Of course, you can’t go all in with one style in each room; to keep the house cohesive, add a touch of both styles in each other room. This will ensure that the different rooms naturally flow into one another.


Don’t Go Overboard


When it comes to most things in decor, less is most definitely more. So don’t go overboard. Keep things modest and simplified, and try not to place too many decorative features around the place. It’s much better to have a decluttered space that subtly brings out the modern and traditional aspects, rather than build everything on top of each other; if you do this, it’ll only create a messy look. Which is not what you are trying to achieve!


Final Thoughts


No rule says that you have to commit just to one style. You can have a modern home while also bringing in some of the best elements of traditional decor too. Execute it correctly, and you’ll have a house that speaks to the past, present, and future!


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