When Your Home Gets You Down…



Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary; your resting place away from the stresses of the outside world. Your home is supposed to be a place you can call your own, a positive place that is about ‘you,’ and a retreat from the negativity other people impose, be that in work or elsewhere. Your home is supposed to be the place you can come back to each day, close the door, and unwind with your personal comforts.


Your home is supposed to be all of these things.


But what happens when your home gets you down?


What happens when you come home and you don’t feel rested? After shutting the door, you may be faced with any number of problems. Suddenly, the outside world seems a more preferable place to be, as your home, for whatever reason, sucks big time!


But what are the reasons? Why does your home suck? What is hindering your relaxation time?


These are some of the reasons why many people hate their homes?


– The pile of bills on the doormat; rent, gas, electricity, water, insurance… the list goes on.

– The state of the house – the mess, the damages, the endless amount of repair jobs.

– Memories of previous relationships; for good or bad, thoughts surrounding these affect you.

– Your next-door neighbours; why don’t they understand your need for peace and quiet?


And there may be other reasons that are personal to you.


Of course, you could always move out. If you rent a property, it may be time to get out of there and start afresh. Why endure expensive bills, high rental prices, sad thoughts, and miscreant neighbours? Starting again could be the best thing you can do; although there is no guarantee you will get good neighbours, and your bills may still be high. On the other hand, moving out may not be practical at all. Especially if you are living in a house you have bought, the stress and expense of a move could be too much.


In either case, staying put could be right thing to do, and there are things you can do to make your home worth living in again if you don’t want to endure the stress of a house move.


– Sort out your bills, beginning by budgeting your money. Then bring in Allcott Associates Surveyors to look at your home’s energy efficiency, and ask for advice on those other issues, such as the crumbling walls and damp patches. Use a price comparison service to find a better deal for your utilities, and do the same for any insurance costs.


– Get on top of the mess in your house, purchasing new storage to clear up the clutter, and making a rota to ensure you don’t fall behind with the chores again. Bring in the professionals to get to work on any repair jobs, or try and tackle the simpler jobs yourself. A tidy home can offer a tidier mind.


– Speak to your neighbours and ask them to be quiet. If they still pose a problem, there are steps you can take to deal with their nuisance behaviour, and we aren’t referring to hitmen or tit-for-tat behaviour.


– If thoughts of previous relationships and events still affect you, give your home a makeover. Not only will a new splash of colour and a change in furniture improve your mood, it will also make your home feel different, perhaps eliminating those memories of people and relationship gone that have been bothering you.


And do anything else that is needed to lift your mood when you’re at home. You see, when your home gets you down, you must do something about it. Whether you move or stay, you shouldn’t have to endure misery every time you return and shut the door to the outside. Find ways to reclaim your sanctuary, and regain the inner peace that comes with being home. You deserve it.


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