How To Prep The Bedroom For The Cooler Months Ahead

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We are lucky enough to experience one of the hottest summers we’ve had in a very long time, so the last thing you’re going to be thinking about is the cooler months ahead, but having said that, they come around quicker than you may have imagined. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to prepare yourself earlier than you think you need to so you’re not left with a bunch of things to do last minute.


The bedroom is the place where you will spend a lot of important time in, for starters it’s where you sleep, and sleep is so important to your health to ensure that you’re getting the rest you need so you can have a happy and productive day once you’re up. So that makes it a perfect place to begin planning for.


Here’s what to focus your attention on most.


Extra bed throws

Although you won’t necessarily need them right now, you may want to start shopping around for some pretty throws to go on your bed and be used as extra warmth when you begin to feel colder at night. It’s a good excuse to have a little makeover and change the colour scheme of things in your bedroom to make things more interesting again. You can even keep them out as decoration instead of putting them away in a cupboard too, so regardless of whether you drape them over your bed or fold them neatly in the corner, there’s no reason you can’t turn them into a feature.


Thicken up the windows

If your home doesn’t already have double glazing put in place, it’s most likely a very old house that needs a little bit of an update. You may not notice the disadvantages right now because the weather is warm and pleasant, but once the cooler days roll in, you soon feel the effects. Double glazing not only adds an extra layer of insulation to the room, but it also cancels out noise from the outside while protecting you from any other threats lurking about. So there are many benefits that make it all worthwhile.


Setting the heater

You won’t need the heater on any time soon, but there’s nothing wrong with getting used to its settings as it’s been so long that it hasn’t been used, or you may even find that you need to buy a new one. One tip is to have it come on automatically on a timer during the winter. One where the temperature drops down during the night time – even if you’re cold – our body’s temperature naturally drops when we go to bed anyway, so the heating doesn’t need to be on full blast as it’d just be a waste of heat and more importantly, money.


So now you have a few ideas, you can think about these things early on as a pose to being too last minute and you end up consumed by a list of things to do.


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