Last Minute Christmas Shopping With Banbury Gateway

Last Minute Christmas Shopping With Banbury GatewayChristmas is just around the corner now so present buying has been in full swing this week. I’m happy to say I’m all finished apart from one small thing I need to pick up this weekend. I started a lot earlier this year. I’m proud of myself for spacing it all out and not leaving everything until last minute like previous years. Earlier in the week I headed to Banbury Gateway Retail Park to get organised and work through my list. I was spoilt for choice of where to shop first, M&S, Outfit, Gift Company and Next were the few stores I popped in for my Christmas presents this year.

As soon as I arrived I headed to Next to start with their homeware. From candles and diffusers to cushions and throws, they have it all. I know I’d be happy to wake up on Christmas morning to receive anything from there and when buying gifts I always ask myself would I be happy to receive this, if not I don’t give it. Once I finished up in Next I moved onto Outfit, I find it’s fab for jewellery, bags and accessories, if you know the person well enough then theres a wide range of fashion to choose from. Although Topshop is always my go-to brand for myself, it’s great to have so much choice when buying for others. I picked up a couple of clothing pieces for my sister, unfortunately I can’t share just incase she reads this but I know she’ll love them.

The shop I’d recommend the most at Banbury Gateway is Gift Company, it gives it all away in the name really. They had everything from homeware and jewellery to furniture and garden ornaments. The retro and vintage items were probably my favourite, there were lots of quirky pieces full of character and definitely something in there for everyones taste.

If you’re last minute shopping in stores this weekend my number one tip is to go out with a list of ideas. The best thing you could do is already have something in mind for each person and the shops that would be suitable. So many people just say I’ll know it when I see it but honestly you could stand in a shop for hours wandering what to buy for someone and still leave empty handed.

Buying for people is hard, you worry they won’t like it or will think you haven’t spent enough and then you worry you’re spending too much on everyone and haven’t budgeted for it. You can never be too organised and it makes your shopping experience a lot easier. This year I enjoyed the process of buying and wrapping a lot more than usual and I think that’s down to starting much earlier. Let me know if you’re all finished or are you a last minute person and will still be running around this weekend?

Wishing you all a lovely Christmas x

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