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  1. I love the neon look but there is no way I’ll be pulling it off this summer! I love bright colours, but neon is a bit too much for me!
    Emma |

  2. I complete agree with you, there must be so many trends but not necessarily my body or myself feel comfortable or look nice with it. I am neither a fan of Neón but colorful clothing. Animal patterns I have tried just in shoes, not on clothes or bags 🙂

  3. I agree with you 100%!! Except I did get a pair of snake skin ankle boots that I love! I also really liked when you mentioned that you aren’t buying things for the sake of it. I like to believe that’s where my mentality is too when it comes to buying new clothes! Neutrals all the way for me!

    -Madi xo |

  4. I’m with you girl! Most of the trends for 2019 are just not for me. I could see myself doing something monochromatic tie dyed for the beach and maybe a few small bits of neon jewelry with an all black outfit for a night out because these are already in my range. Other than that, I’ll just stay in my lane!

  5. I JUST had a conversation the other day with someone of the difference between trends & style. Just stick with the CLASSICS! Great post. People that stick with the CLASSIC styles, in my opinion, look way more put together. YOU are keeping it classy! 🙂

  6. Ah I see you are a minimalist, which completely makes sense. The neon/tie-dye stuff def takes me back to the 90s, I might only buy something like that if I was going to do a COLOR run or a themed party. Not sure it would be a “wear to work” item. But, I love your classic outfit in your photoshoot! It looks great.

  7. I love talking about trends that don’t work too! They can’t work for everyone and it’s important to remember we don’t all have to do the trends that don’t work for us! Great post!

  8. Such a good post, you never heard about the trends that just aren’t doing it for us. And I agree with so many of these, especially can’t get into the neon trend. Also that photography woah 😉 xx

    Em //

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