Homestays In Bali


A homestay is a unique experience. Traditionally when you go on holiday you stay in a hotel or you rent a room. A homestay doesn’t involve this. Rather, it is a cultural exchange and thus the visitor stays in a room offered by a local family. This emulates a homelike setting. Homestays tend to be particularly popular with students as they are often arranged through educational institutions. Nevertheless, this is an experience that is open to everyone. This article is here to provide you with further information regarding homestays in Bali specifically. Read on to find more…


What can you expect from a homestay in Bali?


  • Balinese family lifestyle – When you go on holiday you don’t really get a feel for what the country is like for those who live there. You go to the tourist attractions, you lay on the beach and you eat at the best restaurants. You have a great time. But, can you really say it has opened your eyes? Do you learn things you never knew? Do you see how another part of the world lives? The only way to get this complete experience is to enjoy a homestay in Bali. You will get to observe the daily life of a Balinese family. The local people are known for being extremely friendly and welcoming. A genuine look into their culture is one of the most special things about this type of trip. You will get to witness their traditions, religious practices and alike.
  • Beautiful scenery – A homestay gives you the chance to truly experience the beautiful nature that is around you. You will have the opportunity to walk or cycle around the local villages and take in all the surrounding beauty. It is a very humbling, relaxing and energizing experience.
  • Low costs – One of the best things about a homestay in Bali is the fact that you get to visit one of the most beautiful and popular countries in the world without it costing much money. The only thing you need to concern yourself is with where to find cheap flights to Bali. Thanks to the Internet this should not be too difficult.
  • Farming – Agriculture is a prominent sector in Bali and therefore it is likely that you may get a chance to experience what daily farming life is like. A lot of homestays are with people who work on the farms. You will get to see the tropical plantations in the area and you will watch the harvesting, planting and plowing that goes on in this stunning destination. When all is said and done, why not snack on a fresh coconut or mango? They will certainly be in their plentiful.
  • Visit attractions – Just because you are having a cultural experience does not mean you cannot have a tourist one as well. You are assured to be located near places of interest and thus all you need to do is talk a walk or get a taxi to your desired spot to do a bit of exploring. A lot of people are under the false assumption that this is off bounds when enjoying a homestay. Yet this is definitely not the case.


As you can see, there are a number of amazing reasons why you should consider a homestay in Bali. If you like the sound of this, make sure you take a trip to see your doctor before you travel. You may require certain vaccines before you go. Moreover, they may provide you with tablets for your trip. If you need to renew while there, you can always get your medication from an online pharmacy and have it delivered that way. Either way, you need to be extra cautious when you are abroad and it comes to matters concerning your health.


Final words


So there you have it; an incredible insight into what you can expect from a homestay in Bali. The only thing left for you to do now is start searching online to find where the best cheap flights to Bali. After all, with costs such low, the only thing you are going to have to save for really is the flights!


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